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Coca-Cola tweeted T+S….haha with a pun..

all you can feel: recreational drugs put under the microscope (MDMA) 


if Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter were as close as the moon

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So I work at a pet hospital, and we got a sick chameleon today that we had to treat. Needless to say we got a little attached to her and named her Susan. Her pillow was a cotton ball, her blankets were gauze squares and her head-warmer was a top of a glove filled with water. :)


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A little experiment with resin. They will be made into magnets.

The fish are made from polymer clay and the “water” is resin. The octopuses glow in the dark.

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"My body is a dead language and you pronounced every word perfectly"

- Unrequited Love Poem , Sierra DeMulder   (via owls-love-tea)

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